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 Disciplinary System

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PostSubject: Disciplinary System   Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:43 pm

These are the rules which must be followed on the site. Note that all decisions are made by the administrators, and that they have the final say in all decisions. However, if you recieve a ban you are allowed to PM an appeal, which will be posted up in Security HQ and we will review the case again. Ways to work off punishment are doing things to help the site. If you would like to do something like this, ask an admin for something to do and they will tell you something you can do.

Disciplinary system

2 warnings = one offense
2 offenses (4 warnings) = 1 week ban
3 offenses (6 warnings) = permanent ban
3 warnings (1 offense + 1 warning) = removed from trade council
1 offense (2 warnings) = removed from league security
2 offenses (4 warnings) = removed from any non-team moderator spots
2 offenses (4 warnings) = removed from admin spot

What will happen for certain offenses

Swearing at someone with bad intentions: 1 warning
Swearing profusely (extremely offending the other person): 1 offense
Cheating: 2 offenses
Spamming/Advertising other sites without permission: 1 warning
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Disciplinary System
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